Dance and Nia

Ballet is a classical dance form that promotes grace, confidence and musicality. It strengthens the core and promotes balance, flexibility and alignment.  It can be learned and enjoyed at any age and benefits both beginning students and those with more experience.  Beginning II students should have had at least six months to a year of training at the Beginning I level.  Ages 14 and up.

Ballet Power Barre 
Current trends emphasize the benefits of ballet exercise.  This class uses movements and principles from classical ballet to build strength and power in all your major muscle groups while also increasing your flexibility and range of motion.  We will do mat, barre and standing exercises taken not only from classical ballet, but also modern dance, pilates and other disciplines.  No previous dance experience is necessary.  Please come with bare feet or wear socks or ballet slippers.  Age 14 and up.

Belly Dance I (Beledi)
Graceful and dynamic, this popular Middle Eastern dance form provides a fun and unique way to dance and exercise through interval-style training that alternates moving to fast-paced energetic percussion and to moderate tempo rhythms and melodies. Basic movement and steps and easy to learn and follow and provide an energizing and low-impact class. Use of the veil during cool down provides excellent upper body conditioning. Veils are provided. Ages 15 and up.

Belly Dance II-III (Beledi, Oriental Dance)

A graceful and popular Middle Eastern Dance form. Participants in this class continue toexpand their dance technique and proficiency. Dance choreography is presented and students have the option of learning to play finger cymbals. Use of the veil continues and students may bring their own (a sheer fabric, 3 yards long X 45” wide) or use one available for class use. Students in this class should have attended prior sessions of Belly Dance I. Ages 15 and up

Swing Dance – NEW!
Swing Dance is a dynamic American social dance classic that continues to retain its popularity. Most of all, it is fun and aptly named. It is also highly versatile, suited to traditional swing and more contemporary music, and is  the foundation of many other social dance styles. Basic steps and technique provide fun and exercise in class and enable participants to readily participate in the local social dance scene. Coming with a partner is suggested. Ages 15 and up. 

Get in shape and move to great music in this unique fitness-promoting class. NIA integrates concepts from dance, martial ways, and various healing arts (e.g. Feldenkrais® and yoga) to provide cardiovascular conditioning (low impact), flexibility, strength and balance. And it's fun! Participants move naturally and fluidly to music in a workout that is readily adapted to all fitness levels. Bare feet are required unless the participant has a previous medical condition. Instructors are NIA certified. Age 15 and up.

Gentle NIA
This is a NIA class (see above) that has been modified for those who want a slower approach. This 45-minute class is gentle, kind to the joints and appropriate for all fitness levels, especially if you're just starting a fitness program or rejoining after a hiatus. And it's fun! Movements are done naturally to great music, and many can be performed while seated.

BollyFit (R) - NEW!
BollyFit® blends Indian dance styles like Bollywood and bhangra into an intense aerobic-like workout to create a fun, high energy class with a party-like atmosphere that will give you your exercise for the day. BollyFit® had its early roots at the Ann Arbor YMCA and we welcome its return to our program. Ages 15 and up.
Learn dances such as the cha-cha, meringue and salsa as you are introduced to rhythms and dance styles from south of the border.  Basic steps and informal Latin street dance techniques provide fun and exercise in class and enable you to enjoy the community dance scene.  No prior experience is necessary.
West African Dance
This beginning class is an introduction to a world of West African dance that provides an amazing full-body workout that you don't want to miss!  Enjoy exciting, high energy movement and a sense of freedom that comes from celebration.  This is a style built on tradition and community.  It is taught by Jaclyn Morrow, who has performed with Like Water Drum and Dance and the Tree of LIfe Drum and Dance Society.  Age 15 and up.