Family Time

Parent/Tot Swim Lessons
Parent/tot classes are designed for both parent and child. Parents accompany their children into the water and work with them to learn basic swimming skills as well as water safety. The class is song- and game-oriented to keep it lively and fun! One or two adults must accompany each child. Three levels are offered based on the age of your child:

Shrimp/Kipper - ages 6-15 months
Inia - ages 16-23 months
Perch - ages 2-3 years

Play Group/Creative Movement for Parents and Tots

This class is a perfect way to introduce the young child (ages one to four) to rhythm, movement and music. Together parents and children enjoy creative movement and play using props, games, rhythm instruments and songs. One or two children may be brought to class. Registration should be under the parent's name.

Stroller Circuit
Incorporate cardio, resistance training and core work while spending time with your little one. Bring your stroller and meet other parents on the track for a full body workout. Newborns welcome 

Exercise for New Moms

Come exercise and play with your baby at the same time-no babysitters needed! This is a great opportunity to meet other local moms and babies and to learn exercises you and your baby can do at home. The class will focus on restoring general strength, with some effort to elevate the heart rate. This class is ideal for moms with babies less than 12 months old. Please check with your healthcare provider, but generally this class is great for moms starting at four weeks after delivery (or six weeks after a C-section).  Please bring a big blanket, a sense of humor and your little one! 

Spanish With Me!
Take a journey through Spanish speaking lands! Parents and children will learn and explore together through song, dance and arts and crafts. Each week, we'll visit a different country, gaining both cultural understanding and language skills. Appropriate for children age 3-5. This class meets twice a week on Monday and Wednesday. Please register in the parent's name. Registration includes up to 2 kids

Little Salutations
(3-5 yrs)
Stand like a tree, swim like a fish and roar like a lion! Little Salutations will help maintain natural flexibility, help children develop conscious breathing and stimulate their imagination with creative poses, playful stretching, games, songs and relaxation activities.

This class will run from 4/22/13 – 6/16/13

Thursday mornings from 10:30-11:15am and

Tuesday evenings from 4:30 – 5:15.

Registration starts Members 4/10/13, Community Members 4/17/13

Baby Sign Language Workshops:

Join our fun Baby Sign Language Workshops for you and your infant or toddler. This will be a great way to get started with basic signs for you to practice and share with others.  Baby Signs use many American Sign Language (ASL) signs along with other common gestures to facilitate early communication with your little one. Free for members! Registration should be in parents name; appropriate for ages 3 months to 3 years.