Feldenkrais Workshops

These classes emphasize the benefits of well-organized movement and the importance of knowing how to move to facilitate greater comfort and ease.  Each workshop has a different focus, but all include specific gentle exercises, done with care and attention, to enable participants to move more freely with greater flexibility and less strain and discomfort.  The classes are suitable for almost everyone, but if you have a medical condition please get approval from your doctor and speak with the class instructor.  Age 15 and up.  

The Feldenkrais Method® uses coordinated, functional movement patterns to relax and reorganize the body. It takes advantage of the innate movement intelligence of the brain to bring about change and is unlike any other program you have tried. Tension relief, better posture reduced pain, better balance, improved athletic performance, help with recovery from injury and restoring function due to neurological conditions are just some of the potential benefits of the Feldenkrais Method®.

These workshops will return in the fall.