Preschool Swim Lessons

Preschool (Ages 3-5)

Children progress at their own speed and it is common for a swimmer to remain at the same level for a complete year of classes, even with perfect attendance. We stress each child’s self esteem and confidence, improving skills, technique, and gaining strength. Each week we will incorporate character values such as caring, honesty, respect and responsibility

Pike: While adjusting to water, children learn safe pool behavior and develop independence. New swimmers learn basic paddle strokes, kicking skills, and putting their faces in the water while blowing bubbles.

Eels: For children who have mastered Pike skills. Students are taught flutter kick, dive, float, and the progressive paddle stroke. Children can swim the length of the small pool paddling on their stomachs and back without assistance by the end of this level.

Rays: For children who have mastered Eels skills. Skills taught include rotary breathing, front crawl, dives and back crawl.

Starfish: For children who have mastered Rays skills. This class focuses on fine tuning of the front crawl with rhythmic breathing.