Water Activities

April Showers bring May Flowers (and Thunderstorms)

Pool Severe Weather Policy:

The YMCA of the USA recommends that indoor pools be closed during a lightning storm. If lightning occurs in the area, the indoor or outdoor pool is cleared when either of the following occurs: (1) cloud-to-ground lightning is observed, and less than 30 seconds pass from seeing a flash and hearing thunder from that flash; (2) in-cloud lightning is occurring overhead. The pool can be considered safe to re-occupy 30 minutes after the last lightning is seen or thunder is heard. The Ann Arbor YMCA follows a policy to evacuate the pool and other wet areas when lightning is present, threatening, or when the conditions are right. 


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Adult classes are offered for ages 16 and up. Age exceptions can be made with permission of the Aquatics Director.

Adult I
This class is designed for new swimmers and those who wish to improve their basic swimming skills. The goals are to increase comfort level and learn/improve on basic swimming skills such as floating, front and back crawl, breaststroke, and elementary backstroke.

Adult II
Designed for adults who are comfortable in the water and have some basic stroke knowledge. Students will be introduced to intermediate and advanced swimming skills.

Private/Semi-Private Swim Lessons
Private/ Semi-Private Swim Lessons are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Semi-private swim lessons are limited to two (2) participants. All lessons are 30 minutes long, and they begin and end with the session for which they were purchased.

When registration begins for classes, it also begins for Private/Semi-Private Lessons. Interested patrons should complete and/or submit a request for Private Lessons form. Please be aware that it may take up to 14 business days to schedule a lesson, and that registration ends the second week into classes. Please click the following link to submit a Request for Private/Semi-Private Lesson

Applications are not accepted over the phone. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Christina Wackenheim, Aquatics Director at 661-8050 or at cwackenheim[at] annarborymca.org    

Active Older Adults (AOA) Water Exercise (Free!)
A warm water exercise class designed to help increase range of motion and cardiovascular fitness in older adults.

Arthritis Water Exercise (Free!)
A warm water class utilizing arthritis water exercises to increase range of motion and strength.

Aqua Aerobics 1, 2, 3, 4 (Free!)
Get the perfect start to your day with this overall fitness workout that blends cardiovascular and toning moves to get you going.

50 Mile Club
Join many of our members in the challenge to swim 50 miles. Log your miles on our 50 Mile Club poster located next to the lifeguard office.

CPR/First Aid
This class will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to respond in an emergency situation until more advanced medical help arrives. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive certifications for CPR PR/AED, valid for one year, and for FIRST AID, valid for three years. All class sessions must be attended to receive certifications. Books and materials will be provided.

YMCA Lifeguard Course (Ages 16 and up)Become a YMCA certified Lifeguard! Upon completion of this course, participants will receive a two-year certification for YMCA Lifeguarding, 1st aid, O2 and a 1 year certification in CPR for the professional rescuer. Participants must be able to swim 500 yards, tread water, and retrieve objects from a depth of 12 feet of water. All class sessions must be attended to receive certification. Books and materials provided.

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