"The Buddy Board" AGQ Alumni Club

Camp Al-Gon-Quian Alumni,

As anyone who has spent time at AGQ knows, camp is a magical place.  Whether you spent just one week or countless summers on the shores of Burt Lake, time at Al-Gon-Quian stays with you forever.  The AGQ Family includes our current campers and staff members, but also includes the thousands of people who have spent time at camp since 1925.  Just as camp alumni have shaped what Al-Gon-Quian is today, it is our hope that Al-Gon-Quian has given our former campers and staff members many memories, skills and friendships that remain with them long after their  last summer at camp.

Please check the website for updates about what is going on at camp and take a moment to sign in to our Camp AGQ Alumni Registration.  If you have stories or photos of your time at Camp Al-Gon-Quian, we encourage you to share.  This summer, one former staff member told us about a faux counselor foot race around the lake that they used to do in the 1960s, and we replicated it in July during one of our all-day activities.  We strive to mix tradition with innovation at Al-Gon-Quian, and learning about the past at AGQ is a great way for us to continue this.

Thank you for your interest in Al-Gon-Quian and being a member of the Al-Gon-Quian community.  We hope to hear from you soon!

Sarah Kurtz McKinnon
Al-Gon-Quian Director


Camp AGQ Alumni Registration

We have a new online alumni registration system.  Use the Alumni Link to access the registration form. If you registered prior to November 2014, please register again using the online system. 


You can also check out our facebook page at www.facebook.com/algonquian.


Alumni Events for 2014

The Buddy Board is camp's alumni group!  They will be sponsoring the Family Volunteer Work Weekend at Camp Al-Gon-Quian from Friday, May 30 - Sunday, June 1, 2014. Kids, adults and teens are welcome to join us for this fun-filled weekend where we will get a head-start on opening camp for the summer season. Childcare will be provided for participants too young to help. From gardening to painting, building benches or more complicated projects, we have something for any interested volunteer to do! After our work is done, we will have fun enjoying various camp activities. Families or groups of friends may call the camp office at (734) 661-8051 to reserve a cabin or to get more information. Cabin reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis and will be $150/cabin. Cabins can hold up to 10 people.

The annual AGQ alumni reunion will be held the evening of Sunday, December 22 in downtown Ann Arbor.  This is a casual event to come and meet up with old friends, see what's going on at camp and generally have a good time.  Snacks will be served and we will have a cash bar.  Hope to see you all there!  Check back soon for updates about exact time and location.


Alumni Memories

“I remember a quote that used to be on a table at camp. It read; ‘The worst day at camp is still better than the best day out of camp.’ While I was at AGQ I truly agreed with that quote…camp was the most positive experience I have had in my life. The intense energy and love brought out the best in everyone.” -Monica Johnson, 1989-1995

“Outside of my immediate family, Camp was (and still is) the single most important place and group of people I have in my life. When your day to day life becomes hectic or sad, I have memories and images that I can evoke from AGQ that can put a smile on my face. At age 3, my son now knows Jr. Birdman but still can’t figure out how to do the thing with your hands!” -Matt Aberbach, 1978-1997

“AGQ was like a family I would visit during the summers to escape a difficult life in East Detroit as a teen. Counselors would build my self-confidence and I would make lasting friendships. I remember counting the winter months, and then days before camp started. These were the best years of my youth.” -Luke Livingston, Camper, CIT, Counselor, Senior Counselor 1972-1978

“Camp means setting aside the world we’ve always known, and accepting the world we’ve always known could exist.” –Heidi Rosbe, Camper in early 90s, Counselor 1999, Waterfront Director 2001, 2002

“Camp is a place that allowed me to be secure enough to try things that normally I never would have. From swimming the lake to counseling fifteen 15 year olds, from sleeping outside without a tent to trying to feed teenage girls on a fire in the rain. It was a place that showed me I could do anything as long as I tried, and try anything as long as I was willing…It was my summer home, and remains my best childhood memories.” -Emily Hopkins (Gordon) 1981-1997

“We used to talk about the summer ‘ego boost,’ because it was a place where everyone was accepted and an important part of the team. Going to camp over the summer helped you feel so good about yourself, it lasted all winter. –Steve Whiteside, 1986-1995

“Camp keeps me smiling far past when I leave; it keeps me smiling all year round ‘til I am back again.” -Mary Beth Holland, former camper and counselor

“Camp has been one of the best experiences I have ever had up until this day! Camp was a challenge that I didn’t expect, it taught me a great many things, like perseverance and leadership. Most importantly, it gave me self awareness…Having spent 3 months away from my family in Australia and entering into a very different experience to what I was used to was tough, but extremely rewarding…Finally, the friendships made with staff from America and other parts of the world exceeded my expectations! Camp to me was a truly special, life changing place.” -Kylie Dening, Waterfront Director, 2000

“Camp was so many things to me…my heart longs for the days on the dock, longs for the cool trips to bubbling springs, cold mornings on dining hall porch cause there is no way we are getting to that water. Of course for Stairway to Heaven, Jungle Love, Camp Al-Gon-Quian on to Victory…Love that place always and forever.” -Reggie, former camper and staff, 1980s

“Everything I know in life, I learned at Camp (AGQ that is)! Seriously, no joke. From love and compassion to integrity and work ethic, I learned at camp. Without camp, I wouldn’t be the father, husband, or good friend I am today.” -Scott Sundheim, 1987-1996

“Al-Gon-Quian is a never-ending story for me. With every visit, session, and summer, a new memory is formed and thus a new chapter is written.” -Nina Palmer, Camper 1991-1995, Counselor 2000-2001

“Camp is: A place where I was at my best because of the love from the people around me; The best job I ever had, surrounded by the best people; Where everyone’s differences melt away, and they share a common love, goal, and appreciation of camp; The last time I got to spend all summer in a bathing suit; Last but not least, the place where I met my husband.” -Julie Mayers LeGassick 1991-1996

“Camp was the most bitter sweet experience, I have ever had. I was blessed by the presence of all the characters that entered my heart but am now left with only the thoughts. What I would give for one more day at AGQ.” -David Sullivan, Counselor 1999-2002

“Camp is one of the most important things in my life. When I get down, sad, depressed whatever, I think about one thing…. every time! Waking up at the bell in cabin 5. Front left, top bunk so you could look out the window at the lake, and then the other window to see the lodge. Taking a deep breath of ‘camp morning air.’ That smell is unmistakable. I’ll never forget what that smell makes me feel like. The smell, or even remembering the smell makes me feel so good. The friends, girlfriends, and memories are all amazing too, but that feeling I get thinking of that moment in the morning - with the quiet lake and morning dew – makes me feel awesome.” -Adam Comstock, 1986-1992