Daily Schedule

Camp Al-Gon-Quian runs choice-based activities each day in addition to the cabin-based and group activities.

On the first full day of each week, campers will see a presentation of all the different activities offered for the week to come.  Afterwards, they have the opportunity to sign up for the activities of their choosing: no requirements here,  just pure choice and fun.  Campers select two morning, and two afternoon activities.  We find that this is an exciting time at camp—if a camper loves an activity, he or she can sign up for it for all four activity hours.  If a camper does not like an activity, he or she does not have to sign up for it at all.  The result?  Each activity area roster is a diverse mix of boys and girls of all different ages.  The common ground is that they all are interested in the particular activity.  We believe this builds great friendships throughout the camp session and also enables instructors to dive deeper into activities as all class members are willing and enthusiastic participants.  Campers staying for two weeks will have a chance to sign up for a new set of activities for the second week of their stay.

Camp Al-Gon-Quian also values free play.  We build communities and let kids create their own fun with the guidance of our caring staff each day during our two free time periods.  “Free Swim” is after 2nd hour and before lunch.  During this 45-minute period, the waterfront is open for swimming with buddies.  Campers are commonly found on the basketball court, playing ga-ga ball, reading, enjoying cards, games or visiting with friends.  After dinner, we offer a 1 hour and 15 minute “Free Time”.  The camp Trading Post is open during this time, and campers enjoy relaxing with friends and counselors.

Each night, counselors plan exciting all-camp activities.  The evening activity is kept a secret each day and is announced with great anticipation during a skit at the evening flag meeting.  Campers might enjoy a four-team version of Capture the Flag, a narrative-based scavenger hunt or a raucous campfire.  In planning these events, our counselors use abundant creativity, creating crazy costumes, plots and activities for the campers to enjoy.  Many campers say that evening activities are their favorite part of AGQ…they are something that can’t be enjoyed anywhere else!

Despite the variety of group and all-camp activities offered at Camp Al-Gon-Quian, the camper cabin remains the home base for kids while they are at camp.  We like to think that the cabin environment creates a “family” for the campers during their stay with us.  The counselors act as guides, mentors and friends to the campers.  They facilitate friendship building and team development among the campers in their group.  The cabin group enjoys all of their meals together, has a rest hour together each day, oftentimes participates in evening activities as a team and has a cabin-centered bedtime activity.  This could be reading a story together, doing a self-reflection activity, going stargazing or playing a cabin game.  It’s a great way to end the day and reconnect as a cabin group to prepare for tomorrow.

  Typical Daily Schedule
Time Activity
7:45 First Bell

Second Bell

8:15 Flag Raising
8:30 Breakfast
9:00 Cabin Cleanup
9:30 Assembly
10:00 1st Activity Hour
11:00 2nd Activity Hour
12:00 Free Swim
12:45 Lunch
1:30 Rest Hour
3:00 3rd Activity Hour
4:00 4th Activity Hour
5:10 Flag Lowering
5:30 Dinner
6:30 Free Time/Store
7:30 Evening Activity
9:00 Green Trees and Taps
9:15 Get Ready for Bed
9:30 Cabin Time
10:00 Lights out - (Elementary Schoolers)
10:30 Lights out - (Middle Schoolers)
10:45 Lights out - (High Schoolers)
11:00 Lights out - LITs