Dance - Teen/Adult (ages 15 and up)

A classical dance form known for its grace, rhythm and musicality. Classes also foster the development of flexibility, strength, balance and alignment.

Beledi Dance
The dynamic, graceful and popular dance of the Middle East, also known as “belly” dance or Oriental Dance. Technique, steps and dance combinations are taught in all classes. A veil of sheer fabric (3 yards x 45”) is required. Students in levels III and IV use finger cymbals and learn more extensive choreography and presentation skills.

Jazz and Hip Hop
Feel the beat! Learn isolations, turns and step combinations of traditional jazz technique along with current hip hop moves that make the dance fun, high energy and up-to-date.

Ballroom Dance
You don’t have to dance with the stars to discover the joys of ballroom dancing. Come with a partner and learn the basics of popular dance favorites such as the waltz, swing, foxtrot and tango.

Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement® Workshops
These workshops present the techniques of the world-renowned Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. The sessions are comprised of gentle exercises, done slowly with care and attention, to improve range of motion and promote movement that is more comfortable, relaxed and efficient. Different topics are covered each session. Please see our on-line program guide for more information. The instructor is a certified Feldenkrais® practitioner.


Enjoy increasing your fitness level the NIA way! This unique movement system integrates concepts from dance, martial ways, and various healing arts (e.g. Feldenkrais® and yoga) to provide cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, strength and balance. Participants move naturally to music in a workout that is readily adapted to all fitness levels.

Bollywood Dance
This trendy and popular dance workout feels more like a party than exercise. Bollywood refers to the Indian film industry whose films are famous for their dance numbers and pulsating music (think “Slum Dog Millionaire”). This class combines elements of Indian “film dances” with folk and classical styles to form a fun and dynamic aerobic workout.

Yoga Meets Dance ™
This workshop is a synergy of gentle Hatha Yoga, free and guided dance, sociability and meditation. An active class that never feels like “work”, it is very welcoming for non-dancers, and is suitable for all levels of experience and body types. Please check our on-line program guide for sessions when the workshop is offered. 


Move to those Latin rhythms and add spice to your dance and fitness routine as you are introduced to dance styles from south of the border. This is a great way to exercise and have fun.


Line Dance

Here’s a class that’s fun for everyone! Join the line, enjoy the music, and learn dances in a variety of styles, from swing and salsa to cha cha, samba and more.


West African Dance

This introduction to a world of West African dance provides exciting, high energy movement and a sense of freedom that comes from celebration. This is a style built on tradition and community. Don’t miss it.

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