quilting for a cause

Join us as we give we back to the community while learning how to recycle old t-shirts into quilts. This free, volunteer led program invites both experienced and first time quilters to create beautiful pieces for those in need.  Help others stay warm this winter and learn something along the way!  We will have supplies (scissors, cutting mats, etc) available for use.

Quilters will meet in the Michigan Room from 11am to 1:00pm every Friday.

Sharon's quilt




Quilt 10: Dave's "Goodbye Ann Arbor" Quilt      Quilt 11: Polly's Final Four Quilt


Quilt 8: LIVESTRONG     Quilt 9: Go Tigers!


Quilt 6: Richard's Red       Quilt 7: Kathleen's Cool Quilt


Quilt 4: Camp Birkett baby quilt       Quilt 3: It's a Y world


Quilt 2: The Cool Quilt       Quilt 1: The Warm Quilt

Questions? Contact Jen Nicodemus at 734-661-8043 or jnicodemus[@]annarborymca.org