Studio Cycling

Studio Cycling - Intro
Introduction to Studio Cycling is appropriate for those who are new to exercise or to Studio Cycling. Thorough coverage is given to bike fit, technique, drills and appropriate levels of exertion. Workout difficulty gradually progresses throughout the course.

Studio Cycling
Studio Cycling is an invigorating, low- impact workout in which intensity can be individualized. If you like group exercise, enjoy indoor cycling, and prefer easy to follow instructions and the ability to determine your own intensity level, this is the class for you.

Studio Cycling - Bike & Tone
A regular, 45-55 minute Studio Cycling workout, followed by a quick set of toning and sculpting exercises utilizing resistance bands, stability balls and hand-held weights. Perfect for people on the go!

Studio Cycling - Advanced
This class is an advanced and challenging 75-80 minute workout for those who are looking for a little extra kick start to their day. Studio and/or outdoor cycling experience recommended.