Youth Dance


Dance is a great way for kids to get active and express themselves creatively. Dance can teach rhythm, balance and grace.  The basics and more are introduced with patience and care, not to mention fun!  Our talented instructors cannot wait to share their passion!  Offerings include ballet, tap, hip hop and jazz.  For more information about the dance program in general, or specific classes or techniques, please contact Grace Lehman, Dance and Arts Coordinator, at or 734.661.8034.   

Explore our dance classes for kids below.

Preschool Dance Classes

Play Group/Creative Movement for Parents and Tots (ages 1-3)
This class is the perfect way to introduce the young child to rhythm, movement and music.  Together parents and children enjoy creative movement and play using props, games,  rhythm instuments and songs.  One or two children may be brought to class.  Registration should be under the parent's name.  

Creative Dance (ages 4-6)
This class presents age-appropriate basic dance concepts within the context of creative movement. Instructors help children use their imaginations to develop a sense of rhythm, music awareness and interpretation. This is a special dance experience for the younger child.

Pre-Ballet (Ages 4-5)
This is an introductory ballet class for younger children. Students learn age-appropriate basic dance techniques at the ballet barre and in the center. A creative and supportive setting fosters the child's understanding and enjoyment of ballet movement.  Students who are 6 years old do not need to have taken a previous pre-ballet class.

Youth Dance Classes

Ballet – Beginning I (Ages 6-10)

In this class students develop their dance skills and understanding of ballet. Special activities in class will help children make the transition from Pre-Ballet.  This class fosters a child's confidence, grace and musicality, as well as strength, flexibility and alignment. Ballet also provides a solid base for any other dance form a child wishes to learn. Pre-Ballet is not a prerequisite for a Beginning I class if children are six years of age or older.

Beginner Tap (Ages 5-8)
Tap is a dance form in which the feet are used as rhythm instruments, and in this class rhythm was never more fun.  Tap shoes are great, but other clean hard-soled shoes work fine.  For those wishing to purchase tap shoes, we highly recommend not doing so  until after the first class.

Hip Hop Jazz (Ages 8-11)
This class explores current popular dance through hip hop moves and jazzy combinations.  
It is a fun, high energy contemporary dance experience for boys and girls using age-appropriate music and lyrics.