Membership Information for you!

By July 25, 2020August 25th, 2020News & Events

Any member who would like to put their membership on hold during this time can do so here. (must click on title to access link).

We ask that you consider using your monthly bank draft as a donation to the Ann Arbor YMCA during our period of closure. If you do not place your membership on hold, you will draft as usual. When we reopen, you will receive a receipt emailed to you outlining your membership dues as a donation as during the time you will not receive service for your monthly fee.

By completing this form, your membership will be placed on hold until October 31, 2020. You are able to remove that hold early once the facility reopens or once comfortable doing so. Taking this hold will put a pause on your membership fees during the meantime. Additionally, we will credit forward membership dues that you have paid for 3/15-3/31 towards your first payment after the membership hold.

The closing of the Ann Arbor YMCA facility does not mean we are not active. The Y is still active in the community providing emergency services to those who need us most. This includes working with schools and organizations to deliver meals to those in need and providing high-quality child development services at our Glacier Hills Child Development Center for first responders and medical professionals.

We appreciate the understanding of our community as we work to direct resources to aiding in the efforts to fight the outbreak.