The YMCA’s team of trained exercise specialists and personal trainers can help start you on a path towards reaching your health and wellness goals. Whether you’re seeking general conditioning, sports-specific training, motivation or nutrition advice, our diverse team is trained to work with people of all ages and fitness levels. Let us help you be your best self.   For more information on individual classes, please email Gail Epstein, Personal Training Coordinator at   FAQs 

Personal Training

Personal Trainer Bios

Sharon A Bouchard

CPT, ACE Certified, 2012
Graduate of Madonna University, B.S. in Fire Science 1998
Graduate of Western Illinois University, M.S. in Exercise Physiology 1985.
Graduate of Western Illinois University, B.S. in Health Ed./Sports Medicine 1983.
Currently employed by City of Ann Arbor Fire Department.
Currently coaching novice ladies crew at Pioneer High School.
Enjoy cycling, mountain biking, weight lifting, rowing, and overall fitness.

Fitness, sport, and challenging myself to accomplish new fitness activities/challenges is a way of life for me. I enjoy coaching at the high school level and sharing a passion with the ladies. I believe it increases their self esteem and begins to build a feeling of empowerment. It is a natural progression for me to have become certified as a personal trainer.

Ingrid Crause

MS Kinesiology University of Michigan
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
YMCA Instructor: Studio Cycling, Triathlon Training
YMCA Volunteer: LiveStrong at the YMCA Spin-A-Thon Team Captain, Annual Campaign

Meeting for Personal Fitness Training sessions allows us to connect on a level of trust for an exchange of information that leads to a plan. The plan reflects your specific, realistic and healthy fitness goals compatible with your lifestyle.

Aside from being physically active at the Ann Arbor YMCA, I am a strong supporter of the YMCA mission of youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

My favorite quote (modified from Mahatma Gandhi): “You must be the change you wish to see in (the world) your life”. I aim to give you the tools to help you make the change and to cheer you on

Todd Freitag

Masters in Exercise Physiology from EMU

NASM CPT since 2011
TRX Certified, YMCA instructor
Avid triathlete for 9 years.

I am from Ann Arbor and my favorite thing to do is ski!
Quote: “If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.” -Thomas Edison

Lisa Hesse

B.S. Exercise Science
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
CES- Cancer Exercise Specialist
ERYT- Yoga Instructor

Lisa brings her background in exercise physiology and over 35 years experience as a competitive runner to her work as a yoga instructor and personal trainer. Passionate about healthy living, Lisa’s approach to personal training focuses on the whole body: improving muscular strength, flexibility, core strength, preventing injury and learning to rest and restore. Lisa is the Health and Wellness Coordinator here at the YMC and oversees the Pedaling for Parkinson’s indoor cycling program.

Brett Johnson

Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
Golf fitness specialist through the Titleist Performance Institute
University of Michigan (Flint), B.S. Biology

Brett works with athletes seeking sport-specific training as well as clients who are just looking to improve their fitness. In his spare time, Brett enjoys playing volleyball, baseball, and golf.

His favorite quote is “Never give up! Failure and rejection are only the first step to succeeding.” ―Jim Valvano.

Amy Kuras

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

I am a lifelong runner, formerly serious about triathlons, and passionate about sharing the benefits of exercise and living well. In addition to instructing classes at the Y, I am also a musician and Landscape Architect, so I understand the challenges of being an athlete of the smallest muscles, sitting at a desk for many hours, and fitting exercise into our busy lives. It is great fun getting to know Y members, and helping even the most novice exerciser to overcome weight room intimidation and achieve personal goals.

Seanna Larsen

NASM Certified personal Trainer
ASFA Certified spinning Instructor
NCAA Divsion 1 All-American Runner
Olympic Trials Marathon Qualifier

I love anything that has to do with running and fitness. My most recent passion is teaching group fitness classes. I love the energy of so many people working to reach healtha and fitness goals. My Most recent fitness achievement was running the 2013 Pikes Peak Marathon. 13.1 up and 13.1 down Pikes Peak.

Favorite quote lately: “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” – Scott Hamilton

Marie Morgan

ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 2003
RRCA Certified Running Coach since 2010

I began personal training after losing 50 lbs through nutrition and exercise. I fell in love with living a healthy well balanced life and love to inspire others to do the same. I love to run and have done 12 marathons including Boston 3 times. Strength Training is another love of mine and helping others strengthen their bodies with functional and core exercises is my specialty.

Chrissy Parker

Wayne State University, B.S. Exercise Science
Eastern Michigan University, M.S. Masters in Exercise Physiology
CSCS: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
ACSM-CET- American College of Sports Medicine- Cancer Exercise Trainer
BLS: American Heart Association
American Red Cross Lifeguard and CPR/AED Certification

I really enjoy helping people better themselves. “Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states.”

Jason Ratliff

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
CPR/AED (Red Cross)
Eastern Michigan University, B.S. in Sports Medicine-Exercise Science
I work with a wide variety of clients: those who are looking to lose weight, gain weight (build muscle and strength), athletes who are preparing for a sport, older clients with preexisting injuries, and clients who just need an extra push of motivation. As a former athlete, I specialize in building muscle strength and size. My motto is “Look good, feel good, do good.”

Training Options

Jump Start
Get a jump start on a healthier lifestyle. Meet one-on-one with YMCA staff members, who will guide you through a nutrition consultation and a fitness assessment. In addition you’ll have three sessions of personal training with a certified personal trainer.

Fitness Assessment
YMCA staff will measure your heart rate, body composition, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance testing. With this baseline information,we’ll help you establish your personal goals.

Nutritional Consultation
Meet one-on-one with a registered dietitian to determine your nutrition goals. Areas of counseling include general nutrition/wellness, weight control, prenatal/childhood nutrition and sports nutrition.

Personal Training
A personal trainer can provide you with the individualized attention, guidance and motivation to help you meet your fitness goals.  The Ann Arbor YMCA has a diverse and experienced team of professional trainers to meet your specific objectives.

Pilates and Yoga Training
Work one-on-one with a Pilates or yoga instructor to boost core strength, increase range of motion, enhance posture, and gain flexibility.  Pilates classes offer a total body workout with the focus on aligning the spine and strengthening the core.  Yoga sessions focus on core awareness, and stretches and poses that promote strength, flexibility and balance.

Partner/Small Group Training
Training with one partner or a few lets you and your friends wor-out together while motivating one another.  An initial commitment of four sessions is required.  The same fee will be charged even if one person is missing from the group session.

Sport-Specific Training
Sport-specific training can help you achieve your goals by fine-tuning your training to maximize your success. Many of our trainers are competitive athletes who utilize their own experience when working with clients.

Policies and Procedures

Cancellation Policy
Your appointment is valuable; it is reserved for you and you alone. Therefore we ask that you provide at least 24 hours notice for a cancellation. Members who provide less than a 24 hour notice must pay in full for their session. To cancel an appointment, please either contact your trainer directly or call the YMCA member desk.

Expiration Policy
All personal wellness appointments must be completed within six months of the purchase date. All unused sessions will be forfeit.

Payment Procedure
Initial payment can be made at the front desk. Let the staff person know how many sessions you would like to purchase; they will give a receipt for your payment which you will give to your trainer so he/she knows that you paid. If you would like to have your account charged for additional personal training sessions ask your trainer for an “Ongoing Personal Training” card. Completely fill out the card and return it to your trainer.