Lots of teens and adults learn to swim at the YMCA under the patient and skillful direction of YMCA aquatics professionals. Enjoy learning with others, or one-on-one lessons to work at your own pace. Once you learn to swim, you’ll never feel unsafe around water, and you can enjoy the many physical benefits regular swimming can provide.  To schedule a private lesson, please contact Aquatics Director Becky Epstein at 734.661.8020 or bepstein@annarborymca.org


We reserve the right to cancel classes when inclement weather jeopardizes the safety of our members and staff. There are no credits or refunds for cancelled classes due to inclement weather.

Aqua Aerobics (Free!)

Barracuda Swim Team

Private/Semi-Private Lessons

Teen Group Lessons

The benefits of participating in our swim lessons program are far greater than just physical health. At our Y, the focus is on building the whole child, from the inside out, so kids will learn about the rewards of persistence and courage, as well as mastering their swimming strokes. We provide instruction for infants to adults so that everyone can learn this essential life-saving skill. With two indoor pools, private, semi-private and group lessons as well as a competitive team, we have a place for everyone in the pool. We offer lessons for infants as young as 6 months to adults of any age, as well as Life Guard/CPR/First Aid training for ages 16 and up.

    • Free placement swim tests are given Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 4-6pm. No appointment needed- just find a Deck Manager.
    • The Aquatics Department reserves the right to cancel or combine classes due to low enrollment.
    • Parents must escort their child to and from classes. You may sit on the deck for the first and last class, but for classes inbetween please wait for your child in the viewing areas in the lobby or fitness floor. No parents should be on the swim deck so that your child can fully bond with his/her instructor. We have Deck Managers available at all times to assist your child with restroom trips.
    • Goggles! When it comes to eye wear in classes we recommend that your child be comfortable with the goggles he/she has. During the class if your child is spending a lot of time fixing and adjusting the goggles you should wait to use them in the next class. The best way to make sure the goggles fit well is to use them at an open swim, in the shower, or in a bath and make adjustments as you see fit. The time in the classes is valuable and we would like to make sure we can give all the time we can to your child.
    • The week before registration your child will receive a registration reminder. It will have your child’s name, instructor’s name, and what class you should be signing up for next session.
    • The last week of lessons instructors will give your children a progress report. It will give you, in detail, information on what your child has accomplished in their session.
    • Please take a soap shower before entering the pool area- this helps us keep it clean for all swimmers.
    At the Ann Arbor YMCA we care about the safety of our young members and guests. We have swim test procedures in place to help keep children safe in the water.
  • Swim Test Elements:
    Swim 50 yards– competitive stroke must be in good form. “Doggie Paddling” does not count
    Jump into the deep end
    Tread water for 30 seconds
  • Red Wrist Bands and Children 6 and Under: All children 7-14 years of age who have declined to take the swim test or who have not passed must remain in the family pool at all times. Lifejackets are available– just ask a lifeguard. Children 6 and under must be within arms reach of a parent at all times.
  • Green Wrist Bands: Children ages 7-14 who have passed the swim test may swim in both lap and family pools (appropriate use of lap pool is a must). Stop by the lifeguard office to receive your band after successfully completing the test.