Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC) is a youth-driven program that strives to meet the needs of our community and works in collaboration with local organizations to create social change and positive community impact.

Mission: We engage youth in team-based service experiences that build life and work skills while inspiring a lifetime ethic of service.

Vision: Communities defined by compassion, selflessness, and respect for others.

Benefits of YVC Participation Include: 

  • Character, leadership, and cultural competency development
  • Career exploration and job readiness
  • Educational scholarship opportunities
  • Tracked and approved community service hours
  • Positive relationships and positive identity
  • Opportunity to serve as a changemaker who will create communities that we all want to live in

Youth Advisory Council (YAC) 

Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is the youth-run governing body of the Youth Volunteer Corps and consists of youth volunteers who have served in the YVC program. YAC determines program direction, provides input on policy, strategic plan, program assessment and supports philanthropic initiatives.

Interested in serving on the YAC? Applications are due by October 5th. 

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Questions? Contact us at or call 734-661-8017

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