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When it comes to wellness, we believe a healthy mind and spirit are equally important as physical fitness. Designed by Dr. Patricia Deldin at the University of Michigan, Mood Lifters provides weekly group meetings in which peer leaders teach a series of science-based strategies that improve mood, relationships, and well-being. During the program you will have multiple opportunities to practice, reinforce, and perfect the strategies with the support of leaders and fellow participants. At the end of the program you will know what works best for you and how to apply them to your unique situation. We offer effective training and support and believe that the power to make positive changes resides within you.

The next session begins on February 3rd, 2021 with weekly meetings at 6:30pm every Wednesday for 15 weeks.

This program is held virtually.

Cost is $150 for members, $300 community members. Community members receive a Y membership for the duration of the program.

Financial assistance is available.