Two Levels available:

Beginning Ballet: Come discover the joy of ballet and the reason why it is such great exercise. This beginning class welcomes teens and adults who are true beginners just starting with the basics as well as those with 1 or 2 years of ballet experience. Barre and center work will help you develop flexibility, balance and a strong core. And the music will inspire you as you get fit. If you have always wanted to take a ballet class, this is the one for you. This class is appropriate for the true beginner, for those returning to ballet after a long hiatus, and for those with 1 or 2 years of ballet training.o experience necessary

Ballet II: There is nothing like ballet. It has a style and beauty of it own. In this class you will enjoy barre and center work, develop flexibility, balance and core strength, and the music and choreography will inspire you as you get fit. This class is for those experienced in ballet and want to keep strong technique in their lives. Come remember why you loved ballet. You’ll be glad you did.