Interested in receiving academic support in the subjects of math, reading, and/or writing? Homework Circles may be the solution for you!  Students in grades 6 – 8 will work in small groups of about 3 students to 1 tutor to strengthen skills in math, reading, and writing and complete required course work. In addition to direct support in these subjects, Homework Circle sessions will include relationship building activities, mindfulness moments, get-up-and-move exercises, and character exploration. Virtual sessions will be coordinated and monitored by the Ann Arbor YMCA Teen Department Staff Team.  

Homework Circle tutors consist of volunteer high school aged youth and adults who are trained to facilitate shared-learning environments and support youth in their journey to academic success. Tutors may not be subject matter experts, rather provide guided support for students to work through academic challenges and exercise resourcefulness. All volunteer tutors are required to complete background checks and training in accordance with Ann Arbor YMCA Youth Development policies and practices.  This fall, Ann Arbor YMCA will be partnering with A2tor to successfully launch Homework Circles! 

About A2tor: A2tor is a free, virtual academic tutoring program facilitated by Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti high school students. A2tor believes that everyone should have access to fun academic growth opportunities, and works to remove economic and transportation barriers to success. 

Tutoring sessions include:

  • Help with schoolwork or content from class
  • General enrichment activities tailored to students’ age, ability level, and interests.
  • Group enrichment and homework opportunities are open to all students regardless of their ability to access other services.
  • Support in subjects from math, reading and writing, to art, and homework help for native Spanish speaking students. 

To learn more about A2tor, check out their website at and search for A2tors on Facebook or @officiala2tor on Instagram, or send an email at

Are you a high school student interested in serving as a volunteer tutor with A2tor? A2tor is looking to expand their team! Tutoring allows high schoolers to help young students in their community, form personal connections, strengthen their communication skills, and earn volunteer hours. A2tor tutors have the opportunity to support and mentor students through academic games, homework help, and other virtual activities, and they gain access to training sessions with local professionals to supplement their work. To learn more about the program or apply to tutor, please visit or email

Interested in receiving academic support? Homework Circles will run virtually for students in grades 6 – 8 who are seeking support in math, reading & writing.