Please follow the prerequisites when registering for classes. The lower level classes teach the terminology and basic techniques that are required for the higher-level classes. Talk to the instructor if you have questions about your readiness for a particular class.

Gentle Iyengar Yoga 
This slow paced class offers a methodical and deep yoga practice with extra support, and could be good for people recovering from illness or injury, or people who want a slower paced class. Building strength, becoming more flexible, and learning how to relax are a part of Iyengar yoga. This is not a therapeutic class.

Beginner Iyengar
If you are new to Iyengar Yoga—even if you are fit and familiar with other schools of yoga- you should begin your study in a Level 1 class. You will learn critical fundamentals in Level 1 that are important in higher level classes, such as basic principles of alignment. You will gain strength, flexibility, stamina, and balance, while learning how to use props to facilitate ease in the poses. You will also learn how to set up and practice shoulder stands. You should repeat this class until you feel confident in the concepts presented.

Iyengar Level 1-2
This class is for students who feel they are ready to move on from Level 1. A conversation with your instructor can shed light on what it takes to move to this level. You should know how to set up for and be familiar with the practice of shoulder stands. You will delve more deeply into poses learned in Level 1 and will also be introduced to more complicated poses. Again, you will learn to use props to support your learning journey.

Iyengar Level 2
We recommend a minimum of one year of study in Level 1 and 1-2 before moving to a Level 2 class. A conversation with your instructor can shed light on what it takes to move to this level. Inversions are practiced regularly in Level 2, as are backbends. Poses are studied more deeply, and more complicated poses are introduced and practiced. Props will continue to be used to facilitate ease in the postures. You must have a basic grounding in Iyengar Yoga before participating in a level 2 class.

Guided Iyengar Practice
If you are looking to take your own practice to a new level, this class is for you. Your own knowledge of Iyengar Yoga will be challenged, as you follow the instructor in a guided practice. Confident Level 1-2 practitioners will be fine in this class. This is a two-hour guided practice.

Iyengar Yoga For Pregnancy
The gentle stretches and strengthening poses taught in this class can produce beneficial effects for mother and baby. For new or experienced students at any stage of pregnancy.