The YMCA New Wave Synchronized Swimming Team is for all athletes under the age of 18. No synchro experience is necessary but swimmers must be comfortable in deep water and able to pass the YMCA’s deep end test! To get started, please fill out this form. This will give the coaches all the information they will need from you for the season.  All practice and competition dates may be found on this calendar.

Our general practice schedule is as follows:

  • Monday 6:30-8:30 pm All land
  • Tuesday 6:30-8:30 pm Land and water
  • Friday 6:00-8:30 pm Land and water
  • Sunday 2:00-5:00 pm All water
    **Swimmers must bring athletic shoes and clothing for land portions of practices**

We expect athletes to attend as many practices as possible. If an athlete can not commit to 4 days a week, we ask that they strive to participate in Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday practices. Failure to attend regular practices will affect routine placement options.

Setting up your Athlete
First, all swimmers must be registered with USA Synchro. To do so, please click on this link USA Synchronized Swimming Membership and follow the instructions below:

  1. click “Purchase/Renew Membership” or “My Account” if you are a second-year swimmer.
  2. click “Membership”
  3. click “Competitive Athlete Membership.” The membership is $95 for the whole year.
  4. Competitive Athlete Membership is Regular
  5. click “Create New Account,” or sign in to an existing account if you have one!
  6. When you get to the part of registration where you choose your affiliation be sure to choose the YMCA New Wave Synchro Team. We are in theNorth Zone, Region Aand our three-digit club code is NWS.

For practice and competitions swimmers will need:
●Plain black suit
●Plain white cap
●Routine suit (routines place orders mid-season)
●Nose-clips (can be purchased from a coach for $2.50)
●Deck sandals (optional)
●Lock for locker room – or we ask that the athletes bring their belongings on deck during practice to prevent theft
●Plain black shorts
●Team hoodie

  • We order every January/February
  • We are also considering the possibility of team shirts, suits, and bags