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Summer Maintenance pool closure: Saturday August 19 at 1pm through Saturday August 25, members may swim (at no charge) at Ann Arbor City pools during that period.

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Both pools will re-open on Saturday August 26th at 7am. During this time, members may swim at the City of Ann Arbor pools, including Buhr Park Pool, Veterans Memorial Park Pool and Fuller Park Pool at no charge. The YMCA will be reimbursing the City of Ann Arbor for your visits and we will need the information that is listed below to make payments accurately.
Please follow these steps when you visit a city pool to insure a smooth sign-in experience
• Introduce yourself as a YMCA member.
• Show your membership card (scan tag)
• Print your name (first and last), check swimmers age (under 3years, 4-17 years, 18-54 years, 54+ years etc.) and indicate your scan tag number. There will be a YMCA sign-in sheet at each pool entrance area.
• Enjoy the pool!
For more information about city pools,

Each year the Y does a thorough safety check and cleaning of the Natatorium, including:

  • Draining the family pool completely to clean the walls and glass blocks
  • Cleaning all of the pool steps/ ladders
  • Cleaning all of the lifeguard chairs
  • Scrubbing all wall and floor tile
  • Draining the lap pool ½ way and re-filling it with fresh water while cleaning/ replacing any broken tile around the edge of the lap pool
  • Cleaning/ organizing the storage rooms, lifeguard office and on-deck bathroom

After all of the work is complete it takes  2-3 days to re-fill both pools completely, heat, and chemically treat to be ready for members. Questions? Contact Christina Carter at [email protected] or 734.661.8050


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