Ann Arbor YMCA Staff Directory:

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Kathy Van AlstineExecutive Assistant & HR Directorkvanalstine[at] 661-8042
Dan BlethenY on the Fly Coordinatordblethen[at] 661-8022

Director Staff

Chris B
Chris Biggs Facilities Director cbiggs[at] 661-8057

Christina Carter Training and Safety Director ccarter[at] 661-8050

Liz Conley VP of Mission Advancement lconley[at] 661-8024

Chris Deary Youth & Adult Sports Director cdeary[at] 661-8016

Becky Epstein Aquatics Director bepstein[at] 661-8020
  Melissa Goings Glacier Hills YMCA Child Development Center Director mgoings[at]
Communications Director lconley[at] 661.8024
  James Highsmith Membership & Marketing Director jhighsmith[at] 661-8019
Y on the Fly Director spetty[at]

 Toni Kayumi President/CEO  tkayumi[at] 661-8059

 Kit Kieser Director of Healthy Living Kkieser[at] 661-8052

Jon Makarewich Controller jmakarewich[at] 661-8053
  Donetta Mazyck Director, Ypsilanti YMCA Child Development Center dmazyck[at] 661-8045
Katie Milne Director of Camp Al-Gon-Quian kmilne[at] 661.8051

Lee Anna Massey Regional Child Development Director lmassey[at] 661-8058

Steve Petty VP of Community Initiatives & Social Responsibility spetty[at] 661-8018

Laura Ramirez VP/Finance and CFO lramirez[at] 661-8054
Kyande Sanders Youth Program and Day Camp Director ksanders[at] 661-8005

Becca S
Becca Schnetzer VP of Membership & Programs bschnetzer[at] 661-8049
Amanda Kline Camp Birkett Director akline[at] 661-8011

Assistant Director/Coordinator Staff

Aquatics Coordinator bepstein[at]
  Melika Belhaj Financial Assistance Coordinator mbelhaj[at] 661-8007
Health Innovations Coordinator kkieser[at] 661-8052

Patrick Doutre Network Administrator pdoutre[at] 661-8028
  Cara Easley Assistant Director of Youth Programs & Day Camps ceasley[at] 661-8031
Personal Training Coordinator kkieser[at]

Emily Fransen Wellness and Group Exercise Coordinator efransen[at] 661-8043
Sofia Gambini  Assistant Director, Camp AGQ sgambini[at] 661-8051
Glynette Harris  Youth & Family Program Coordinator gharris[at] 661-8117
  Alison Loyer  Program Director of  Ann Arbor YMCA CDC aloyer[at] 661-8058

Scott Powers Program Registrar  spowers[at] 661-8029

Becca Melangton Ass’t Membership Director  bmelangton[at] 661-8010
Gymnastics Coordinator cdeary[at] 661-8022
Jermaine Wells Y on the Fly Coordinator jwells[at]