Glacier Hills YMCA Child Development Center is a new intergenerational child care program on the Glacier Hills Senior Living Community campus in Ann Arbor. This facility has so many advantages for staff, who have access to subsidized onsite child care and residents, who have the opportunity to  interact with the children or just enjoy visiting  on a more informal basis. The kids are big winners too, benefiting by  forming positive relationships with an older generation, and developing strong social and communication skills.

Where is the Glacier Hills YMCA CDC located?
The CDC is located on the beautiful campus of the Glacier Hills Senior Living Community Campus: 1200 Earhart Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

Who is eligible to attend?
The Glacier Hills YMCA Child Development Center (CDC), has the capacity for 48-50 children total: infants through age 5.

What are the CDC’s hours of operation?
Hours of operation are 6:15 AM to 6:15 PM Monday through Friday.

Do you offer drop-in care? We do not offer drop-in care. However, for enrolled children, days in addition to their regular schedule may be added, based on availability.

How much notice would I need to give before withdrawing my child? We require a two-week notice before withdrawing your child.

Do you have an open-door policy for parents/guardians?  Yes. Parents/guardians are welcome to visit and pick up their child/ren at any point during the day. However, we do ask that you notify the staff to minimize disruption to our daily schedule.

Is there a snack or meal program? YES! All children receive breakfast,
mid-morning snack, lunch and mid-afternoon snack if they are present during the meal/snack time.

What happens if my child becomes ill while in school?  If your child becomes ill with any of the following – fever, diarrhea, vomiting, rash, and/or severe coughing – parents/guardians will be contacted and must pick up their child within one hour.

What credentials do your teachers have?  All of our teachers meet at least the minimum requirements mandated by the state of Michigan.

What is the cost?
Full Time Rates (5 days/week, 6:15am – 6:15pm):
Pre-K (3.5 years – 5 years) $1090/month
Early Pre-K (2.5 years – 3.5 years) $1,120/month
Toddler (14 months – 2.5 years) $1,200/month
Infant (6 weeks-14 months) $1305

How often will I be billed? Billing is done monthly and must be paid in advance of services being provided.

Can the CDC accept payments from subsidizing agencies? Yes. Please speak with the Director to arrange the paperwork.

Do I have to pay for child care on days my child does not attend? Once we have a set schedule for your child, you will be billed for those days, regardless of your child’s actual attendance.

How do I apply for Financial Assistance? At this time,  financial assistance approval is provided for Glacier Hills employees only, and is designed to fit individual financial situations and is based on a sliding fee scale which takes income and number of people in the household into account. The Financial Assistance package can cover up to 50% of the cost of tuition but is limited by enrollment, and our financial resources.

How do I register? Registration packets coming soon. For more information about touring the facility, please contact Melissa Goings at or 734.249.7073.

What days is the CDC closed? We will be closed the following days:
Memorial Day
Independence Day (July 4)*
Labor Day
Friday before Labor Day
Friday after Thanksgiving
New Year’s Eve*
New Year’s Day*
Christmas Eve*
Christmas Day*
* During the week of Independence Day (July 4)* and the two weeks of Christmas and New Year’s, we require a minimum of eight children each day to remain open.

What will Y staff do if my child acts inappropriately? We use positive guidance techniques that help to promote self-discipline and acceptable behavior.