CARE for the Climate

Deadline for signups is Friday, September 23rd.

CARE for the Climate is a youth-led leadership development program for teens, ages 13-17,  who are passionate about combating climate change in their local community and abroad.

The Ann Arbor Y will work in partnership with the Albay Y in the Philippines and the First Coast YMCA in Florida to advance climate change initiatives and develop the next generation of Eco-Leaders. Through an application process, 15 youth from the Ann Arbor Y community, 15 youth from  the Albay Y community, and 15 youth from the First Coast Y will be selected to serve as Eco-Leaders!

How it works

We train our Eco-Leaders on the impact of climate change, leading change (behavioral, transformational, & organizational), field exposure, service-learning projects, and strategic planning. After the development, implementation, and evaluation of a community-based project, we hope our Eco-Leaders will be able to engage, mentor, and train Eco-Allies to achieve a collective impact and mobilize young people from the Ann Arbor Y, Albay Y, and First Coast Y communities.


  1. Enhance awareness of the impact that water and air pollution have on environmental degradation.
  2. To equip young people with the tools and resources to effectively address local and global problems through innovative solutions that promote changes in human behavior.
  3. To mobilize young people across the Ann Arbor Y and Albay Y communities and provide a collaborative cross-cultural share-learning experience.
  4. To implement sustainable solutions via changes in human behavior to achieve greater impact.
  5. To inspire others to take action in their community that results in improved water and air quality for stronger communities.


For more information and to sign up, email