Take action in your community by participating in Youth in Government, a comprehensive program offering middle school and high school students throughout Washtenaw County practical experience in the study of state and local government. Youth in Government provides teens the opportunity to become active change agents in their community through learning about legislative and governmental processes.  Participants learn about bill writing, parliamentary procedure and current issues facing the state of Michigan.  This program offers participants a trio to Lansing where participants carry out a mock-debate at our State Capitol Building within the House and Senate Chambers. For more detailed information on this program, please visit www.myig.org.  The YIG program consists of weekly meetings and opportunities to participate in local and/or state conferences.  Program curriculum includes the following topics:

  • Local and State governmental processes
  • Legislative bill writing
  • Advocacy through legislation
  • Parliamentary procedure debate
  • Mock trial debates
  • Introduction to local and state leaders
  • Policy implementation processes

High School Youth in Government

Middle School Youth in Government