Giving Tuesday 2021

Along with 68 other leading YMCA’s across the US, the Ann Arbor YMCA participates in the Diversity, Inclusion & Global Innovation Network, meaning we integrate diversity and inclusion practices and global strategies across key operational and programmatic areas to strengthen our mission impact, community relevance, and long-term sustainability. We share resources with partners in our own community, and take intentional steps to support our neighbors across the globe.

This year, on #GivingTuesdaY (November 30, 2021) the Ann Arbor YMCA is raising money for the YMCA d’Haiti, The San Pablo City and Albay YMCAs (Philippines) and the Sioux YMCA (South Dakota). 

These Ys couldn’t be more different in terms of culture or location, but they are all the CENTERS of communities in dire need of resources. These YMCAs live out the mission of ALL Ys: putting the core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility into action through facilities and programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all. Our partner Ys have disparate locations, but their needs are similar, and the programs they each provide address those needs.

YMCA De Haiti

Haiti is the longest standing international partnership of the Ann Arbor YMCA. In 2021, Haiti experienced another earthquake and continues to recover from the impacts of both the pandemic and natural disasters.

Albay YMCA (Philippines)

In 2020, a partnership was developed with the Albay YMCA to create trainings for local youth Eco Leaders in Albay and Washtenaw County. The experience has been amazing with the climate change program being recognized at COP26 in Glasgow along with five other international YMCAs.

San Pablo YMCA (Philippines)

Since starting our partnership with San Pablo City in 2018, the facility has been rebuilt to withstand typhoon impacts and agriculture practices have been implemented for food supply in the area. During the pandemic, the YMCA provided space for youth to live at the facility and have visits with parents and family from the trash dump village. This increased access to food and education for youth and continued to build relationships with parents living in the village.

Sioux YMCA (South Dakota)

The Ann Arbor YMCA partnered with the Sioux YMCA to share learnings from each community and to deepen our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and global initiatives. In 2019, a group of our Y staff and teens traveled to South Dakota and shared resources from the Ann Arbor YMCA.
The goal is to continue to strengthen this partnership with opportunities to learn from one another.


At the YMCA d’Haiti:

$500 funds a “boutique” within a YMCA center, giving young entrepreneurs an opportunity to profit-share
$300 sends a child to school for one year
$200 allows 20 young adults to participate in Leaders Club training
$160 sends one child to a week of summer camp
$100 keeps one child in after school literacy programs for a year
$50  pays for one month of after school materials and snacks

At the Sioux YMCA:

$500  supports a child’s education through Homework Club for a year
$400 sends a child to overnight Camp Marrowbone for a week in the summer
$300 allows 30 young adults to participate in a Teen Leadership outing
$200 provides one week salary for a positive adult role model who will impact kids for life
$100 supports one child through a month long exchange program
$50  pays for supplies for a childs’ night adventure

At the Philippines YMCA:

$300 allows three children to join the YMCA Basketball Clinic/Club or YMCA Samurai Karate-doTraining/Club
$100 keeps one child in Academic Enrichment programs after school for a year
$50 supports vocational training for one adult, leading to a job certification
$50 supports 5 Batang Y (Youth) Volunteers school needs
$40/day feeds lunch and snacks to five children during the “Feeding the YMCA Way” program